CoconutShed | Nutritious. Delicious. Wholesome Health Products.

Meet the Team

  • Abi Stephenson Owner, Chef, Creator

    An all round superwomen This incredible company is run by the very inspirational Abi, who in 2013-2014 shed 8st in weight due to an amazingly successful change in lifestyle. Abi was then inspired to help others do what she had achieved, and wanted to spread awareness about exercise, healthy eating, its benefits and how anyone can achieve their own goals without depriving their bodies through diets and other extreme methods.

    Abi’s story continues as she was sadly diagnosed in 2015 with a chronic illness, ME and Fibromyalgia. As a therapy to the illness, Abi spent a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen, and due to her weight loss experience, began to make free from foods with no refined sugar or additives. Abi fell in love with this new avenue of being able to help people, and began to build Coconutshed.

    Abi is incredibly passionate about the healthy side of eating and its health benefits, and once you try her delicious treats, you’ll be hooked too!

  • Justine Maher Researcher, Events

    All round marketing guru Justine has spent the last 11 years in marketing and the last 4 running her own company Metachick Marketing. Eager to help Abi out with the taste – testing her products (purely for the company’s interest of course! Such a tough job). Justine was also inspired by Abi’s story so would pass on marketing advice and guidance whenever she could.

    Shortly after Justine created Coconutshed’s website, Abi thought it would be a great idea to bring Justine on board permanently to help promote and market Coconutshed and the rest as they say is history.